Care quality and safety

FSHS strives to ensure good treatment quality and safety.
If you as a client or patient are dissatisfied with the treatment you have received, its quality or the way you were treated, you can submit an objection. You can also submit a complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) or the relevant Regional State Administrative Agency. They can refer the complaint to the unit in question, where it will first be handled as an objection. Valvira’s handling period for complaints can be about two years. Your complaint will be handled much faster if you resolve the issue with your treatment unit or submit an objection to the FSHS.

Instructions for objections and complaints:

  1. In the first instance, try to resolve the issue at your treatment unit with the person who treated you or their manager. You can also consult the patient ombudsman.
  2. Consider submitting an objection if discussion at the treatment unit does not help. The objection should include a clear description of the issue, the names of the persons concerned and the date of the incident. Use the FSHS’s objection form. Print out the completed form and mail it as a letter to the director in charge at the FSHS: the Medical Director (matters related to general or mental healthcare) or the Medicinal Director of Dentistry (matters related to oral healthcare). You can also submit an objection orally, but we recommend submitting a written objection. You will always receive a written reply.
  3. Complaints submitted direct to the Regional State Administrative Agency or Valvira are primarily restricted to serious matters such as suspicion of grave professional misconduct. The purpose of the restriction is to guarantee shorter handling times.