Appointments in FSHS units

When you are booking time for the reception, first make your own situation assessment. Read health information and then check out who can access our services. Some of our services are free of charge and some services subject to charge.


1. Contact us by phone

Appointments for our services are made on the basis of treatment need assessments. Treatment needs can be estimated on the phone or chat service which is found on Self -online service.

Appointment ticket

FSHS Units

FSHS has a callback service.
Note! Do not end the call until the machine tells you that your callback request has been registered.

Service for hearing-impaired customers

2. Make an appointment 

Log in to the services

Start using Self!

Self allows you to manage your appointment bookings, submit preliminary information forms, participate in surveys and communicate securely with FSHS experts. to book or reschedule your appointments if you have received the required permissions in connection with your treatment need assessment. Everyone can view and cancel their appointments without permission.

Other e-services


3. Your appointment

Please make sure you arrive in time for your appointment. If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let us know well in advance.

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