Remote consultations can be accessed from anywhere

The FSHS healthcare professionals can now be reached from anywhere via video consultations. Remote consultation is a pilot project being conducted in spring 2019, in Helsinki and Tampere for oral health, and in all units for:

  • health checks,
  • nutrition counselling,
  • physiotherapy follow-up visits and
  • general health and mental health follow-up visits.

Remote consultation is not suitable for situations where you need a physical examination.

During the pilot you can agree on a remote consultation with the FSHS healthcare professional when booking an appointment. Starting winter 2019–2020, remote consultations will be more widely available. From the start of the autumn term, you’ll be able to choose a remote consultation whenever you want, provided it’s offered in Self appointment booking instead of a regular appointment.

How to book a remote consultation

After receiving a booking permission for a remote consultation, you can book a remote consultation in Self.

Log in to Self
Read more about Self

Remote consultations are free of charge, as with any appointment. A fee of €35 will be charged for any uncancelled appointments or appointments cancelled too late. You can cancel your appointment via Self at least 24 hours beforehand. More information on cancelling appointments and fees.

How to access a remote consultation

Remote consultations are carried out in Self in accordance with the FSHS data protection statement. You should also take care of data protection and secure use. Choose a quiet place where you can comfortably discuss your situation and treatment.

Here’s what to do:

  • Log in to Self well before your consultation is due to begin.
  • Start the consultation by clicking “remote consultation” on the menu.
  • If the data connection is not working, the FSHS will call you. Don’t forget to check that your contact details in Self are up to date.

For remote consultations, you’ll need a device with a video connection. The service can be used with the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows, Linux and Android devices: use Chrome (versions 2018 and up), Firefox (versions 2018 and up) or Internet Explorer (requires an add-on installation).
  • macOS and iOS devices (versions 11.1.2 and up) use Safari browser.

Give feedback and help us improve remote consultations

After your remote consultation, we’d like you to give us feedback. Your feedback will help us improve the remote consultation service.