Nutrition and exercise

Good Life

A balanced diet and regular mealtimes combined with sufficient exercise and sleep are the keys to healthy eating habits and weight control. Lots of exercise keeps your mind and body fit.

The purpose of this site is to provide information and advice on healthy eating habits and weight control.

You can also discuss weight control and nutrition during FSHS appointments.


Healthy and balanced nutrition

A healthy diet consists of balanced and regular meals.

Healthy nutrition consists of a range of factors affected by everyday choices over the long term. The body needs enough protective nutrients and the right amount of energy to stay healthy and active. Weight control requires a balance between energy intake and expenditure.

Keys to healthy nutrition

  • Eat more vegetables – diverse and colourful vegetables at every meal and snack.
  • Eat high-quality, high-fibre carbohydrates, i.e. whole grains, vegetables, berries and fruit. Avoid refined grains and sugar.
  • Choose soft fats: vegetable oil, vegetable oil based spreads and fish two to three times a week.
    Limit your intake of hard fats.
  • Take care of your bones with vitamin-enriched D and calcium.
    Eat fish, liquid milk products, cheese and vitamin fats.
  • Avoid salt and alcoholic drinks.
  • Source (in Finnish): Terveellinen ruokavalio, THL

Weekly exercise

Regular exercise has a significant positive effect on your health. Recommendations on healthy exercise suggest at least 2 h 30 min of moderate exercise or at least 1 h 15 min of vigorous exercise every week as well as strength training twice a week. 

Help with healthy nutrition and weight control

A food diary is an easy way to check your eating habits. It is recommended to keep a food diary for several days to get a better overall picture of your eating habits. Remember that you keep the food diary only for your own sake.

Food Diary          Food Diary

FSHS units organise weight control groups. Information on these groups is available on the units' websites.

Online weight control groups using social media are an alternative to traditional group meetings. By joining these groups, you will learn more about healthy habits through online material, individual counselling and group support provided using a closed online platform. Ask your FSHS public health nurse about the VerkkoPuntari activity (in Finnish). There is also an online weight control service called Kiloklubi (in Finnish).