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Awesome FSHS Day!


Apr 20, 2018

Thank you for participating, sharing and supporting our theme loneliness! Events in campuses gathered hudreds of participants and events got a positive feedback. Students experience loneliness theme very important. FSHS Day left a good feeling to everyone’s minds.

In campusis we

  • collected ideas how to prevent loneliness
  • served tea, coffee,  mandarins and free hugs
  • shared Nyyti ry’s praise cards
  • the nursing students drank coffee and talked with the students
  • celebrated Let’s eat together theme
  • raffled movie tickets and gaved “Survival kit” pouchs
  • tooked a part to Wappuradio (First of May radio)
  • thinked about what helps when you are alone but don’t want to be
  • asked students what word loneliness brings on mind

Here you find event pictures >>>