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Make sure your contact details have been saved into Self


Sep 29, 2017

If you have not entered your contact details into the Self service yet, please make it soon. That is the only way to get information about relevant messages sent to you via the service, such as health inquiries and forms to be filled in, as well as the information concerning your appointments. You can also choose if you prefer receiving the notifications by sms or e-mail.

If you are a first year student, you will get the electronic health inquiry via Self. If your contact details are correctly entered into Self, you will get a notification when the inquiry is available. Based on the results of the inquiry, some students will be invited to personal health examinations.

In case you have already entered your contact details into Self but have not received any messages from the service, please make sure that the contact info is up-to-date and has been properly saved into the service.

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