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User-friendliness of Self improved based on student feedback


Mar 27, 2017

In response to feedback by students, the Self service is being made easier to use: students can now cancel all their appointment bookings via the service.

Appointments booked with a booking permission can now be rescheduled or re-booked after a cancellation. On cancellation, Self generates a new booking permission, with the same validity period, appointment type and healthcare professional as in the original permission. However, please note that same-day urgent appointments, video appointments and procedure appointments cannot be rescheduled via Self. If you wish to reschedule these types of appointments, always contact the FSHS unit treating you.

Self awaits your contact details

Please remember to enter your contact details in Self. We need your up-to-date contact details to send notifications concerning questionnaires, forms and messages for you to access via the service, as well as information related to your appointment bookings. When entering your details, you can also select whether you wish to receive your notifications by SMS or by email.

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