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FSHS to participate in Finland’s centenary celebrations


Jan 5, 2017

The FSHS is launching two projects as part of Finland’s centenary celebrations in 2017. The University Students’ Health Survey and the 2017 health promotion theme “Talk, I will listen” are part of the programme for Finland’s centenary year.

The University Students’ Health Survey focuses on university students aged under 35 who are currently studying for their first degree. The survey will generate information on current student health problems, ongoing issues related to students’ ability to study, trends and the effects of development projects. The survey, performed every four years since 2000, is unique both in Finland and internationally. The results of the 2016 survey will be published on 13 February 2017.

Read more on the survey both on the FSHS website and at suomifinland100.fi.

Talk, I will listen

The Finnish Student Health Service’s health promotion theme for 2017 is “Talk, I will listen”. The aim is to improve students’ mental well-being and mental health by enhancing their emotional skills, increasing support by friends and increasing low-threshold interventions. It also seeks to improve knowledge of mental health issues among key stakeholders and to ensure problems are addressed before they grow too great.

Read more at suomifinland100.fi.