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Take full advantage of Finnish Student Health Service’s Self service: Start by entering your contact details


Jan 12, 2017

FSHS’ Self service has been broadly adopted. So far the service has been in test use. Self will make the use of FSHS’ services smoother. After the need for care has been assessed, you can book appointments through the web and communicate with FSHS’ professionals in an information secure manner. 

Enter you contact details to Self

When you take the Self service into use, please first enter your e-mail address and telephone number in the service and choose the language in which you wish to use the service. This is important, because then you will quickly receive information about relevant messages sent to you via the Self service, such as appointment booking permissions, health inquiries and forms to be filled in.

Take reminders into use

We recommend that you adopt SMS and/or e-mail reminders in the Self service. They help you remember to postpone or cancel your appointment if you cannot come to the agreed appointment.  You will then avoid the EUR 35 penalty fee that we will charge for appointments that have not been cancelled. Also, queues will become shorter when your appointment can be given to somebody else. 

Make sure that the electronic health inquiry reaches you

FSHS will invite all first-year students to a health examination. If you are a new student, you will receive a health inquiry by e-mail. Please reply to it and you will receive personal feedback about your state of health.  A health meeting will be arranged to which we will invite all students considered to need it based on their health inquiries.  You will receive a notification of a received health inquiry only if you have entered your contact details in the Self service. Make sure that your information is up-to-date.

Self is growing and developing

Self is constantly developing. Electronic symptom inquiries will be added to the service in 2017 that will offer you quicker access to care. In future, you will also receive your examination results and targeted health promotion information through Self.

Welcome to use the Self service!

More information at yths.fi/en/self

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