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For the FSHS, the health and social services reform provides new opportunities


Dec 22, 2016

Katariina Poskiparta, Managing Director of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), is delighted to hear the Government’s strategy on student healthcare. On 21 December, Finland’s Government published its health and social services reform that allows all university students to have access to the same health and social services.

Poskiparta says that both university students and those studying at universities of applied sciences are similar young adults, and both groups will benefit from having access to the FSHS’s services to ensure their ability to study.

“It’s important for Finland’s future that we take good care of the health of young students, and we’re glad to see that the decision-makers share our view.

“The Government’s policy provides us with new opportunities, even though many of the details are still to be determined. I believe solutions will be found as the preparations progress, and that they will bring synergy in relation to student services and costs”, she adds.

The FSHS is able to provide a full range of healthcare services designed for young students throughout Finland.

“We constantly introduce new and more effective practices and digital service channels as requested by students. Digital services are cost-effective and also reduce the need for physical premises. They are ready for use by students studying at universities of applied sciences, too”, Poskiparta says.

The FSHS uses a single patient data system at all its sites in Finland. The system has already been integrated with national Kanta services such as the ePrescription service.

The FSHS knows and reaches its clients

The Finnish Student Health Service knows and reaches its clients. This is seen in all sectors - in general health, oral health and mental health services.

Every 4 years, the FSHS carries out a health survey among university students. The survey is unique both in Finland and internationally. The survey targets both university students and those studying at universities of applied sciences. The results of the 2016 survey will be published on 13 February 2017.