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The FSHS’s Eco-week encourages little everyday actions to protect the environment


Nov 28, 2016

The FSHS is running an Eco-week from 28 November to 2 December 2016. During the week, we’ll be encouraging both our staff and our clients to come up with simple little changes to their everyday lives that will benefit the environment.

Eco-week or not, we at the FSHS use paper sparingly and only print documents if it’s absolutely necessary. We recycle, sort biowaste and energy waste, and consider the environment in what we buy. We switch off the lights when leaving the room and switch off computers and screens at the end of the day. We consider the environment in many different ways in our daily activities and also pass on information to others.

Did you know that the FSHS is Finland’s first Green Office certified healthcare organisation? Thanks to the FSHS’s concerted efforts to protect the environment, all FSHS units were granted WWF Green Office certification on 24 Feb. 2015. The Green Office logo helps the FSHS communicate its sustainable development practices to its clients and cooperation partners.