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Introducing a new name for MyFSHS services - read more and try the service


Nov 28, 2016

MyFSHS services are to be renamed Self. The new service name is being launched because both students and staff found the names MyFSHS and My Kanta were too similar and not always easy to tell apart. The new name will be used in Finnish, Swedish and English. The name Self signifies identity and personality – the construction of your own identity in interaction with others.

The new name was chosen following a competition among students, held about a year ago. It will be introduced gradually at the end of 2016. Updates to the yths.fi website will start in the near future.

Visualisation of the service speaks of interaction

Self will also have a new visual logo to be used on the website, within the system and in other communications. The logo was designed by graphic designer Pia Kauppinen. The logo is based on the Ionic column symbol represented in the FSHS logo, thus creating a link between Self and the Finnish Student Health Service. A speech bubble linked to the service name and the column symbol refers to interaction between students and the FSHS.