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Did you know that you can have health check by remote consultation?


Sep 10, 2019

FSHS invites all first-year students to a health examination. This examination consists of an electronic health inquiry and, if necessary, a personal health check. You can answer the health inquiry in Self. You will get a personal assessment of your health and if needed, also a ticket for booking an appointment to our professionals.

>> Answer the health inquiry in Self

Remote consultations can be accessed from anywhere

Did you know that you can have health check with a nurse by remote consultation? When you are answering the health inquiry, you can wish to have your appointment with health care professional, if necessary, via a remote consultation or in a FSHS’s unit. Based on your answers, the nurse will recommend you the appointment by a remote consultation or in the FSHS unit. We had a remote consultation pilot project in spring and summer 2019. You can use remote consultation in all FSHS’s units for

  • health checks,
  • nutrition counselling,
  • physiotherapy follow-up visits, and
  • general health and mental health follow-up visits.

You can also use remote consultation for oral health in Helsinki and Tampere. Ask more about remote consultation, when you are booking an appointment.

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>> Read more about the health inquiry