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The aim of the substance abuse programme is to emphasise prevention and early intervention


Sep 10, 2019

The substance abuse programme for students is an action plan for preventing students’ substance abuse and for providing support in addressing problem situations. Substance use may have a significant effect on students’ success in and coping with their studies. Substance use habits acquired in young adulthood often continue unchanged later in life.In this programme, the term ‘substance’ is used to refer to alcohol, drugs and prescription medication used with narcotic or intoxicating intent.

The substance abuse programme aims to

  • Promote the ability to study and work
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of students
  • Prevent substance abuse issues
  • Make it easier to intervene in a student’s substance abuse problem, and
  • Improve referral for treatment.

In addition a long-term objective of the substance abuse programme is to influence students’ substance use culture.

The programme coordinated by Unifi has been drawn up with the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) in 2014. The substance abuse programme has been jointly updated by the OHA-forum, Unifi, FSHS and SYL in 2018. Now the programme is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Read the substance abuse programme for students.