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Feedback helps us to development our services


Feb 1, 2019

We want to say thank you for 17 000 times! We got 17 000 feedbacks during the year 2018 via websites yths.fi and feedback machines in FSHS’s units.

Students felt that they received excellent customer service according to the feedbacks from feedback machines. NPS is an index that measures the willingness of our customers to recommend FSHS’s services to other people. NPS-index in year 2018 was still excellent. 97 % of feedback givers felt that our personnel was very professional, 98 % felt that the staff was friendly and 97 % thought that the received treatment was useful. Students gave critical feedback about electronic appointment booking and getting information.

Feedbacks from our websites include positive comments and great ideas to development our services:

  • Meeting a doctor, taking blood tests and X-rays – all that took less than two hours. Thank you for the fast service! :)
  • FSHS's staff has been very friendly and helpful. Special thanks go to the laboratory and oral health: you have helped a nervous person like me million times for being so kind and helpful to me.
  • Chat service works well. Thank you for the chat pilot. Hopefully FSHS chat will be here to stay.
  • You must development Self service, because it could be much more than now. For example
    when you are booking an appointment, there are not many options in calendar. If you have cancelled your appointment, you have to call to FSHS phone service to get a new permission to book an appointment. Why can’t you send messages via Self?

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