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FSHS ensures the safety of students’ data


May 25, 2018

The FSHS has updated its data protection statement to comply with the European Union’s new data protection legislation.

Reliable protection of personal data and privacy of students within the scope of the FSHS’s services is of primary importance to the FSHS. The new data protection statement contains clearer and more detailed descriptions of the ways in which the FSHS processes personal data and what kind of opportunities students have to influence the processing of their data. In its data processing the FSHS aims for transparency, responsibility and reliability.

The FSHS uses personal data for the provision of healthcare and medical care services, for statutory control and compilation of statistics, to compile statistics about our own activities, to plan our activities, and to carry out and enable scientific research. The data processed comes from students themselves, from observations made by the staff or from educational establishments, or is derived from these.

The introduction of the updated data protection statement does not require any action from students, who may continue using the FSHS’s services as usual.

Data protection statement