Health Survey 2016

The Finnish Student Health Service has provided research data on the health of university students since 2000. The latest survey, the fifth of its kind, offers a comprehensive overview of students’ physical, mental and social health and health-related behaviour, as well as related factors, such as social relations, studies, subsistence and the use of health services. The survey also focused on special themes, such as experiences of bullying, persecution and violence, prolonged sitting, sexual orientation, the use of well-being mobile applications, the coordination of studies and family life, as well as teeth grinding.

The need for topical research information is highlighted, among other things, in the current health and social services reform, which will also affect the provision of health services to university students.

The full 2016 survey is available here (in Finnish).

Student health trends from 2000 to 2016 are available here.

Bulletin of the survey is available here.

The Finnish Student Health Survey is part of the Finland 100 programme in 2017.