Research and publications

Research activity at the FSHS focuses on university student health, health behaviour, lifestyles, study environments and health services. We also have research cooperation with external researchers and research institutions. Research supports our operational development, but the findings can also be applied in health care provision for other student groups.

Research publications
The list of publications is a collection of research related to student health or health care in which the FSHS or FSHS staff have participated either as researchers or data collectors.

Research Reports by the Finnish Student Health Service
is our own series in which we publish research related to the health of our target population.

To support our health advice provision, we also produce practical guides, instruction leaflets and posters.

The Finnish Student Health Survey

The FSHS conducts a national university student health survey every four years. The survey covers a diverse range of issues related to students' physical and mental health, health behaviour, social relationships, studies and use of health care services.



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