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Smoking is not allowed in public buildings, or public transport, and Finland has one of the world's strictest regulations against smoking in public. Always remember to check for the sign "Tupakointi kielletty", "Rökning förbjuden" (No smoking) before you light a cigarette. Smoking is not allowed in night clubs, dance restaurants, bars and pubs. In the cafés smoking is prohibited. At the University and at schools in Finland smoking is allowed only in areas specifically allocated for smokers.

The use of tobacco is a major cause of illness in Finland and world-wide. Smoking creates health problems which affect individuals, families, societies as well as national and international economies. In Finland about 30 % of men 20 % of women are daily smokers. However, among university students 80 % are non-smokers and only about 10 % are daily smokers.

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MD Mikael Nyström