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Do you have pain in the neck and upper back? Do you suffer from headache? Do you grind your teeth?

If you said yes, you are not alone – very many students have same kind of symptoms.

  • One in every three students experience weekly symptoms in the neck and shoulder region as well as the upper back. Some also suffer from headache.
  • Third of students reported teeth grinding.
  • One in four experience weekly head pain in the temple, jaw joints, face or jaws.

Are you carrying thirty extra kilos on your neck?

When using smart devices, people tend to bow their heads. Depending on the position of the head, this can place extra weight (equivalent to that of a big dog) on the vertebrae of the cervical spine. The position may result in pain in the neck and upper back, headache, tension in the masticatory muscles and skull base muscles, pain and numbness in the arms and degenerative changes in the cervical spine.

When using smart devices, this is how to avoid neck tension:

  • Take breaks from sitting and stand up a few times an hour
  • Avoid using smart devices for lengthy periods and opt for voice messages every now and then
  • Lift your head up several times an hour and correct your posture by stretching your chest
  • Exercise regularly – not just at weekends but during the week too
  • Breathe deeply a few times an hour so that you feel your chest expand
  • Take drink breaks
  • Meet people and friends face to face, not just on your screen
  • Vary your working positions: remember that the best position is the next one

Source: University Student Health Survey (KOTT 2016)