Our operational basis and funding

The FSHS administration and activities are supervised by the Council and the Board og Trustees elected by the Council.

Our activities are guided by the principles of good governance as well as general efficiency and economy requirements. Our organisational model as a foundation enables speedy decisions and therefore flexible adaptation to changes required by society. Unlike other private entities, a foundation does not have members, owners, shareholders or partners.

The FSHS is unique even in international comparison: there is no corresponding student health care organisation anywhere else in the world. Our activities are funded by health care fees and service fees paid by students, contributions paid by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and a general subsidy paid by local government authorities of university towns and cities. Our funding implementation is based on annual operational budgets. The FSHS does not have other own funds than the capital on formation, which only amounts to a little over  €3,000.

The funding contribution of university students is based on paying a health care fee as part of their automatic membership in a student union, with the student union passing the amount on to the FSHS. Automatic membership does not apply to postgraduate students, so they are not covered by FSHS´s services.