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Updated 3 November 2020

Autumn is well on its way and the big moment is just a bit under than two months away. At the moment, we are preparing to equip additional rooms at new and current service units and we are already planning the opening of the service units on a concrete level. A broad range of acquisitions is needed for the appointment rooms, everything from stethoscopes to work chairs and from gauze to network connections. In addition, assembling furniture, installing equipment and stocking shelves with supplies all require careful scheduling so that the whole process goes as smoothly as possible.

We are also looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues. Introducing such a large number of new employees at the same time requires careful planning and advance preparations. This part of the work is well under way. We are relying mainly on electronic material and orientation sessions for groups of different sizes. Naturally, we will also be providing close personal assistance for our new colleagues.

We are also looking forward to our new customers. Campaigning via student apps and social media channels has started and interactions have been encouraging on many fronts. The service network will be supplemented further during the autumn. We have already selected some of our partners by issuing invitations to tender. Regarding other partners, preparations for further measures are looking good. Premises for the service units operated by the FSHS are beginning to be clear and renovation work is well under way. In a few of the smallest study towns the educational institutions have made precisions on the in-person teaching that occurs next year and therefore the necessity for appointment services will be re-evaluated in those municipalities concerned. In a couple of the smaller localities, the exact location cannot be announced yet because contracts are still being drawn up. For more detailed information, see the Service network section.


Updated 4 September 2020

The FSHS expansion is just four months away, and the pace is accelerating. There’s still a lot to do before the turn of the year, but things are progressing smoothly as planned. The current coronavirus situation has not held the project back, but we’re still preparing for any challenges that may be caused by the epidemic.

At the moment, we’re focusing particularly on premises and recruitment. Renovations are well underway in many towns, and the remaining projects will start during the autumn. There have been job vacancies since the early summer, and many more will open in the near future.

Tendering for the partner-operated service units has finished, and once the selections have been finalised, we’ll be able to confirm the service unit locations too.


Updated 16 June 2020

The FSHS 2021 project has now continued for over a year. We’re still well on schedule in terms of planning and haven’t met any significant problems. During the spring, we’ve been shifting from planning and the emphasis is now on concrete actions.

We’ve been communicating about our services together with Kela. Our joint student campaign has included tutor videos and student information sessions on Skype. As regards the services, we’ve been further refining our service model and mapping out special needs and features at universities of applied sciences in relation to those at universities. The service model will also greatly affect staffing levels, which are currently being decided.

Several procurements are under way, the most important being invitations to tender for the partner-operated service units that will be published in June. Renovations and acquisition of premises are also keeping us busy, as we aim to begin all major renovations during the summer closure in July and to confirm the last rental agreements.

After the summer holidays, the most important tasks for the rest of the year will be the completion of renovations and equipment acquisitions at the service units; strengthening collaboration with universities of applied sciences and their current student healthcare providers; staff recruitment and training; and scaling up the current systems, authorizations and plans to match the more extensive service network. Towards the end of the year we’ll also have much more to say about our services for students.


Updated 14th of April 2020

The project has progressed as planned and on schedule. One major ongoing task is to choose the partners for those towns which won’t have the FSHS’s own service unit. We are working in conjunction with Sansia to invite tenders in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. Our aim is to confirm the partners and their service unit locations by September.

With regard to service planning, we’ve been focusing on finalising details of the service model. We’ve also been mapping the extra skills that the staff will need due to the expansion and have assessed the future need for services in different towns. We’ve continued recruitment planning and related communications, and we’ve been planning training sessions for current and new employees. Communications and materials for students have been produced together with Kela. The acquisition of new premises and the planning of renovation work are progressing as planned.

Work on the project will continue as planned despite the coronavirus epidemic. Short interruptions will not disrupt the project schedule. If there are longer delays, the most critical issues will be the acquisition of premises and the recruitment process. However, we have a back-up plan for any delays and other challenges caused by the coronavirus.


Updated 13th of February 2020

So far this year we’ve been working on details about the service network and service production. We’ve been examining study arrangements in different study towns, taking into account factors such as the special features of blended learning. We aim to assess students’ service needs and staff skill requirements as accurately as we can by collecting information about the courses taken and how student numbers are distributed. We’ve also been looking into the current provision of student healthcare in different towns and planning the smooth transfer of services.

The renovation of current and new premises will be a major undertaking, but preparations are progressing as planned. The space requirement for service units has been calculated and planning for the location of premises at current service units is under way. At some service units, project planning is already ongoing. Major renovations at existing service units are planned for the summer so that they do not affect appointments. Some renovation projects, however, will continue in the autumn and this may necessitate changes at some service units. If any exceptional situations occur due to renovation work, information will be provided at the service unit in question.


Updated 10th of December 2019

Work during the final months of the year focused mainly on the contract between Kela and the FSHS and on the associated service network and service description. Policies for the provision of services have been planned extensively for all operations, and the number and allocation of future employees have been outlined. Careful preparations have been made to address the main risks of the project, i.e. recruitment and finding suitable premises. By strengthening the service network, we can advance in both of these areas in a more concrete manner when we know what kinds of premises and employees will be needed in different university towns.


Updated 15th of October 2019

The FSHS 2021 project consists of several interdependent areas involving a large number of FSHS experts. The project will last for at least two years, until the summer 2021.

A specially appointed project manager assisted by a project planner is responsible for project planning, monitoring and reporting. Project implementation is being supervised by the FSHS Board of Trustees and a monitoring group appointed for the project consisting of representatives of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK).

Future framework planned and defined in 2019

The project began in spring 2019 with plans for the project overview, budget and service model. Towards the end of the year attention will turn to the service network and the planning required for premises, staff and the regional model. In practice, this means planning how services will be provided in the future in terms of locations, premises and staff and how this will be managed administratively. The framework for the services provided will be planned both within the project and in collaboration with Kela and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Framework for the expansion will be created in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the focus will be on communications providing information about services. Communications aimed at current and future customers will be further boosted towards the end of 2020.

Recruitment will begin in spring 2020, and much background work has already been done in this regard. Applications for vacancies will probably not open until after the summer holidays, although those interested in job opportunities will be able to contact the FSHS earlier.

Subcontracting, contracting, acquisition of premises and renovation planning relating to the service network will be carried out in spring 2020. Furnishing and equipping the service units will be planned and implemented during the autumn. The new premises will be inspected and opened before the end of the year, which means that the FSHS will be ready to serve its expanded customer base right from the beginning of 2021.

New services will become established in 2021

The expansion will take effect at the beginning of 2021. However, the project will not end there, and work will continue until the following summer at least. The actual service needs and where and how new customers want to use the services will begin to become clearer only after the first few months. This is why the aim of the entire project is to implement the necessary changes in a flexible manner during spring 2021. The aim is for accessible and equitable services to be established nationwide as soon as possible in accordance with the FSHS’s strategy.