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Updated 16 December 2020

Staff recruitment continues to progress rapidly. We have already hired over 300 new employees and the recruitment processes are still ongoing for some positions. We are planning to cover possible recruitment shortages by continuing our recruitment processes next year if necessary. More information on job vacancies can be found on our recruitment pages:


Updated 3 November 2020

Recruitment is very busy at the moment. New vacancies have been opened starting in June but most recruitments are being made now during the autumn. At the moment, we are processing over 300 vacancies, of which some are currently open, while in others we have already proceeded to the next stages of the recruitment process. We will open more vacancies nationwide in the different service units during the autumn. We will continue to announce them on our recruitment site at


Updated 4 September 2020

Staff recruitment has begun around Finland, and new vacancies are becoming continuously available. We’re going to progress one professional group at a time, paying special attention to new service locations. Our aim is to recruit the required number of staff this year. We’ll be monitoring the use of services at the beginning of 2021 and will recruit more employees if required. 

Some of our recruitment needs can be covered with our current staff. We have both part-time employees within our staff who’d like to increase their working hours and employees who’d like to move to another town. It’s pleasing that there’ll be experienced employees to launch our operations at new service units. You can follow new job vacancies through our recruitment pages.


Updated 16 June 2020

Staff recruitment has started in June. Mental health professionals around Finland will be among the first to be recruited. It is also intended to open vacancies for those other professional groups who will be needed in the greatest numbers.

If you’re a healthcare professional and interested in working for the FSHS, be sure to follow our recruitment pages and leave your contact details. 


Updated 14th of April 2020

Recruitment will be continued this spring in unusual circumstances. Although the spring’s recruitment events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll continue communicating about the recruitment process in other channels. We’ll also employ new channels, such as advertisements on Terveysportti healthcare database. We are trying to start recruiting in the spring, but more vacancies will appear in the autumn.

A map has been added to our recruitment pages (in Finnish) to show vacancies in different towns and occupational groups. Using these pages people can express their interest in future vacancies. By leaving their contact details using an online form, they can subscribe to notifications about vacancies and other recruitment-related information. As many as 1,550 potential applicants have already left their contact details!


Updated 13th of February 2020

The expansion of our services will create new jobs. Our new recruitment pages were published at the beginning of the year; they also include basic information about the expansion, in both written and video format. In the “Work for us in 2021” section, those interested in vacancies opening due to the expansion can leave their contact details and subscribe to notifications about vacancies. About a thousand people have already left their contact details!

Come and meet us at the following events in Oulu and Tampere in February and March:

Pohjolan lääkäripäivät (doctor event in the north), 19th to 21th of February, Oulu Music Centre, fair department 8

Tampereen lääkäripäivät (doctor event in Tampere), 9 to 20 March


Updated 10th of December 2019

FSHS employees are leading experts in student healthcare, and together they provide efficient services and high-quality treatment. Because of the expansion, we need more motivated professionals to work for us. Are you interested in working in a multidisciplinary community to promote student health? Come and meet us at fairs to discuss working in student healthcare!

You can find us at the following events:

  • Itä-Suomen suunterveyspäivät (oral health event in Eastern Finland), 9 to 10 January, Kuopio City Theatre
  • Turun hammaslääkäripäivät (dentist event in Turku), 17 to 18 January, Mauno Bio City
  • Pohjolan lääkäripäivät (doctor event in the north), 18 to 21 February, Oulu Music Centre, fair department 8

Our recruitment pages will be updated at the beginning of the year. They will include more information about the FSHS expansion and recruitment, so be sure to check out the address in January.


Updated 15th of October 2019

The FSHS currently has about 550 employees (425 person-workyears) at 12 service units. More than 80% of employees have a permanent post.

Our multidisciplinary working community includes general practitioners, nurses and public health nurses, physiotherapists, dentists and dental assistants, oral hygienists, psychologists, specialists in psychiatry, psychiatric nurses, as well as other employees assisting with treatment or working in administration. 90% of our employees are healthcare professionals. (See figure.)

Due to the expansion, a considerable number of new employees will be needed to serve the larger number of customers. According to the current estimate, the need will be at least 350 person-workyears. Final numbers and professional groups are currently being estimated, and more exact figures will be available at the end of 2019.

During the year, the FSHS will participate in several recruitment events around Finland. Applications for vacancies arising from the expansion will open in autumn 2020.

Current vacancies can be found on