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Updated 16 December 2020

December is a campaign month. The FSHS 2021 campaign and changes in student healthcare will be even more visible on several channels. Kela too will campaign about healthcare fees for students. Watch the campaign video to be shown on YouTube, Facebook and other media in December.


Updated 4 December 2020


Updated 3 November 2020

The first phase of the FSHS’s student campaign has been visible in several social media channels and student apps since the beginning of September. The aim of the first phase was to make university students aware of the forthcoming change and point them to sources of further information.

Phase 2 of the FSHS’s student campaign will start at the end of October and continue until the end of November. This part of the campaign has two themes: the service network, and services and their use. The third phase of the campaign will take place in December, when we will send out reminders about the change taking effect on 1 January 2021 and prepare for the change together and equally. At the same time, Kela will also be running a campaign about the healthcare fee.

In communications, we work together with student associations and universities. Our common goal is to ensure that the message about university student healthcare reaches the students and that they will find it easy to start using FSHS services in January.


Updated 4 September 2020

The autumn campaign for students will be launched in week 37. The paid campaign can be accessed on Tuudo, Frank, several social media channels and Google Ads. We will also be using our own channels even more to communicate about the FSHS expansion and changes in student healthcare. We are also hoping to create visibility through educational institutions and student associations. The campaign has its distinct pink color and human figures.

FSHS 2021 -campaign begins on the 7th of September and continues through the entire autumn


Updated 16 June 2020

We are currently preparing for the student campaign beginning in the autumn. The aims of the #FSHS2021 campaign are to provide:

  • A clear view about the changes – Students should understand what will change and when, and what the effects will be.
  • Information about services – Students should be familiar with the FSHS service network, services and different contact methods, and should have access to student healthcare services according to their needs.
  • Information about fees – Students should know why, how and when to pay the healthcare fee in higher education.

The tutor videos released in the spring were popular. Video packages and their individual parts have been watched over 1,400 times in different languages!

Watch videos >


Updated 14th of April 2020

Tutor training sessions organised jointly by the FSHS and Kela have started. The training sessions taking place this spring and autumn will deal with the FSHS expansion and changes in student healthcare from the viewpoint of students. The training material will be available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

In the autumn, we’ll be launching an extensive communications campaign together with Kela aimed directly at students about the changes that the new Act will bring about. Communications are being planned in close cooperation with the National Union of University Students in Finland and the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The campaign will be carried out in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Campaign aims include promoting a smooth transition, facilitating the use of services and payment methods, and providing information for students about the parties providing healthcare.

The look for the autumn campaign has been published. It is based on the pink of the FSHS and yellow of Kela. The images chosen depict graphic human figures that are universal and relatable.


Updated 13th of February 2020

You’ll now find information about the expansion in three languages on our website. The new site includes the sections YTHS 2021 [in Finnish], SHVS 2021 [in Swedish] and FSHS 2021 [in English]. Content produced last year has also been uploaded on these pages.

The service network was published on Thursday 13 February. The first parties to be informed were FSHS staff, the media and student representatives. From now on, communications will be extended to include all stakeholders: our service network will be covered on our website and social media channels, in newsletters and at student events.

Planning for the spring and autumn campaigns and the campaign image is well underway. Together with the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK), we’re creating communications material and properly timed tours, and deciding which channels will reach people efficiently. We will also participate in events organised by SYL and SAMOK. Hopefully we’ll meet you there!


Updated 10th of December 2019

Communications have a major role in the FSHS 2021 project. For all the main parties involved successful communications is one part of a well-managed and on-schedule project. Above all, successful communications can make customers feel that the expansion is progressing smoothly – that the services, service network and use of services feel familiar and that more information can be found easily through different channels.

Expansion-related communications in three languages in 2020

The communications schedule for 2020 includes campaigns planned for staff, potential new employees, media, partners and students. More newsletters will be produced as the project proceeds, and information videos will be produced at regular intervals. The next information video, which features the service network, will be released in January. From the beginning of the year, we will be communicating about the expansion in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

In spring 2020, a so-called tutor tour will be organised with SYL, SAMOK and Kela. The purpose is to prepare tutors to communicate on student health services. A campus pop-up tour for students is being planned for the autumn. More information about these events will be provided as soon as the schedules are confirmed, so stay tuned!


Updated 15th of October 2019

The FSHS expansion and the Act on healthcare for students in higher education affects not only FSHS operations but also the entire staff and numerous other interested parties. For this reason, the aim is to communicate about the progress of the project extensively, actively and through a range of channels. Key channels for external project communications are our webpages, newsletters and information videos.

Information videos and newsletters

Information videos are intended primarily for students, student unions and other student groups. The first video, dealing with the expansion on a general level, was released in early October. Information videos are produced at regular intervals. The next video, which will deal with the service network, will be released in January 2020.

Production of newsletters for stakeholders will begin in October 2019. Newsletters will be produced for student organisations, educational institutions, organisations representing healthcare professionals and others. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, email us at