Ensuring quality in our service provision

Satisfied customers are the foundation of our activities. We use a continuous customer feedback to assess our performance. We also encourage our customers to give us direct feedback. All feedback is passed on and discussed at management meetings.

Under the Finnish Health Care Act, quality must be examined from the perspectives of customers, health care professionals, management and administration alike.

Customer perspective

Issues emphasised in the perspective on quality include the patients´expectations and wishes and their experiences of the care received. Our constant customer feedback helps us focus specially on the client perspective and provide an increasingly improved service.

Health care professionals´perspective

Key issues from the helath care professionals´perspective are the assessment of patient needs on the basis of medical grounds and the methods based on scientific evidence. In the work of the FSHS´s health care professionals this means things including applying the Current Care Guidelines and conducting our own research in the field of student health.

Administrative staff perspective

From the administrative staff perspective our services aim towards effective, financially correctly targeted and timely activity. At FSHS we comply strictly with health care regulations and are developing even better internal guidelines on the basis of organisation-wide self-assessments.

Students are welcome to provide feedback online at any time they wish.

We provide automatic devices for customer feedback at our service sites to add to the customer feedback we receive by other means.

The feedback helps us to make our services and activities more client-centred.

We use the feedback at the local service-site level as well as the nationwide FSHS level.


We use the international EFQM criteria as guidelines for our quality and employ them to constantly evaluate our activity.