FSHS’s environmental work

The FSHS works actively for ecological values and environmental issues. Ecological aspects are taken into account in the day-to-day work of all employees, in clinical work as well as in support services and at the office.

In December 2012, the FSHS unit in Helsinki and the Service’s administration were granted WWF Finland’s Green Office diploma in recognition of their high-quality work to protect the environment.

In December 2013, the Green Office diploma war granted to the FSHS units in Espoo, Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio, and in February 2015 to the units in Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Rovaniemi, Vaasa, Savonlinna and Rauma. Now Green Office covers the entire FSHS.

We will continue our environmental work. Our goal is to conduct our daily activities in line with the principles of sustainable development, encouraging each other and listening to our clients.

We use paper economically and don’t print unless it’s really necessary. We recycle, sort biowaste and energy waste, and consider ecological aspects in our acquisitions. We turn off the lights when we leave a room and our computers don’t consume energy unnecessarily when we’re not using them. We consider ecological aspects in many different ways in our daily activities and also pass on information to others.


FSHS’s environmental strategy

The FSHS’s path to sustainable development started in 2011 when our new environmental strategy was completed and approved by the Board in December that year. The strategy includes the basic function and vision of the FSHS’s environmental work and a plan for implementation of the FSHS’s Green Office environmental management system.

In the environmental strategy, an Eco Building was created for the FSHS based on the principle “Better choices – better health”. The vision of our environmental work is to be “A leader in sustainable development”.

The environmental work management and unit Green Office contact persons




1 Be enthusiastic! Everyday life is full of small but important choices. Fun ecological ideas bring joy and meaning to everyday life.

2 Smile! A smile lights up the environment like the sun! Environmental work is not for wrinkled brows.

3 Enjoy! Every moment spent in nature is valuable. In the woods you can enjoy yourself for free and your reward will be glowing cheeks and pleasure.