Talk, I will listen – emotional skills

In 2017, the health promotion theme of the FSHS was promoting mental health. Same theme will continue in 2018. The slogan of our theme is “Talk, I will listen”. Thinking about emotional skills and recognising one’s own emotions are part of this theme.

This page gives an overview on emotional skills, questions to consider, and links for more information on the subject. Welcome!

The Talk, I will listen theme year was part of the programme of Finland’s centenary celebrations in 2017. 


Why do we need emotional skills?

Emotional skills help to…

1. establish good personal relationships



To be able to create good personal relationships, we need to be able to recognise, regulate and express our own feelings and recognise and consider how others feel.

  • Empathy, a skill important for interaction, is built on emotional skills.
  • In personal relationships, it is important to know your own boundaries. This, too, requires emotional skills.
  • Can you tell your friends and relatives that they’re important to you?
  • When did you last ask a friend how they are doing and focused on listening to their response?
  • What do you do if you face difficult situations in a personal relationship?

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2. cope with emotional turmoil


Learning to recognise and understand your emotions makes it easier to cope with how you feel. Emotions are like messengers; they are trying to tell you something – if only you will listen.

  • Being able to calm yourself down and feel empathy for yourself makes it easier to manage difficult emotions.
  • Do you have “forbidden” emotions that you would rather not acknowledge? What happens if you suppress them?
  • Can you allow yourself to have all sorts of emotions and consider them just a part of life as a human being?
  • Can you rely on knowing that all feelings will pass and it is not always necessary to act on them?

Read more: Listen to your emotions (Nyyti Ry)


3. improve the ability to study



At times, studying may result in difficult feelings. These may stop your progress if you do not know how to manage them. Emotional skills help you to manage in such situations.

  • The human mind tends to dislike situations that cause insecurity, fear or tension or seem to demand too much. Emotional skills help to recognise these mental obstacles and address them so that they do not affect your ability to function.
  • What do you do if your studies are not going well?
  • Are you able to recognise the situations you find difficult in your studies and the reasons why you feel that way?
  • How do you manage stress?

Read more: Study skills (Aalto University)


4. take care of your own well-being



Emotions have an important message about where your boundaries lie, what you like and what is not right for you.

  • The body and mind are closely connected. What happens in your mind also influences how you feel physically. Emotions also manifest themselves as physical reactions.
  • Emotional skills allow you to rebalance your body and mind even if you are going through intense emotions.
  • Do you know where your boundaries lie? Can you say no if you need to?
  • Think about different emotions. Where in your body are they located?
  • What types of things make you feel better? What about things that tire you out?

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5. build a life you enjoy



To live a life you enjoy, you need to recognise what your values are.

  • Emotions and values are connected in two ways: emotions guide you in your life and show what you value, but may also stop you from acting in a manner consistent with your values. Emotional skills help you to recognise which emotions pave the way towards a life consistent with your personal values, and which tend to take you in the wrong direction.
  • Do you know your personal values?
  • How can you live a life consistent with your values?
  • Do you recognise emotions that may stop you in your path or slow down your progress?

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The "Talk, I will listen" poster is available in pdf in three languages.
If you like it, feel free to use it!

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