How to order your patient data

Patients have the right to get free copies of their personal patient documents once a year. A charge may be levied if you wish to order copies of your documents more frequently than this. A note of the fact that a copy has been provided is always entered in the medical records.

How to order copies:

Write a free-formal request regarding the documents you need (such as medical records regarding knee injury, laboratory results from 2005, etc).

X-ray and ultrasound images are available on loan if necessary.
The images must be returned to the same place.
Dental images can be copied onto your own CD.
Make sure you include your name (incl. previous name) and personal identity code and sign your request. Post your request and a return envelope with a stamp to the appropriate sector (general health, oral health or mental health) to the following address:

Turun toimipiste
Arkisto/(write ‘yleisterveys' for general health, ‘suunterveys' for oral health or ‘mielenterveys' for mental health)
Kirkkotie 13
PL 28
20541 Turku

NB. You can also request copies of your patient documents via our electronic communication service. Please allow about one week for your patient documents to arrive.