FSHS logo guidelines

Contact our communications unit for more information about logo usage. 

FSHS logo elements and colours

The FSHS logo consists of the graphic block (= cross and column) and the namestyle, which consists of the abbreviation YTHS and the organisation's name in full. The letters of the abbreviation are separated by grey squares. The namestyle element is positioned to the right of the graphic block. The namestyle typeface is Eurostyle.

The YTHS logo must always be used in full on printed matter and websites. The graphic block and namestyle may not be separated from each other. The logo must always be resized proportionally. The fixed relationship of the elements must never be modified. The line division of the namestyle must not be changed.

The blue colour:
PMS 2727
CMYK 90 C, 40 M
RGB 0 R, 102 G, 255 B

The grey colour:
PMS 428
RGB 204 R, 204 G, 204 B

The isolation area

The logo must have a minimum isolation area (clear space) around it. This area must always remain clear of other elements. The height/width of the clear space equals the length of the horizontal bar of the cross (A).

Tunnuksen suoja-alue

Logo minimum size

The minimum total width of the FSHS logo is 40mm for printed matter and 185 pixels for online use. Details and readability will suffer if the logo appears in a size smaller than these specifications.

Downloadable files in *.EPS format:

Suomi   CMYK PMS
På svenska   CMYK PMS
In English   CMYK PMS