Citizen's account

Message sending and receiving via the Citizen’s account will end on 14 December 2017. In the future, you will receive official messages in the online service.  Read more

  • The Citizen's account allows safe communication between students and the FSHS.
  • After your appointment, you can use the account
    to discuss matters related to your treatment
    (test results, care instructions etc.)
    securely with FSHS staff at any time that suits you.
  • Use your online banking ID or mobile ID to create a
    personal account code at
    NB. International students can use Citizen’s accounts, provided that they have a Finnish identity code.
  • Enter your phone number and/or your email address to receive automatic notifications every time the FSHS sends you a message.
  • You can give your consent to receiving messages during an FSHS appointment.
    Note: You can only communicate with a doctor or other health care staff if the FSHS has first sent a message to your Citizen’s account.

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Take a look at the services you can use via your Citizen’s account


Do you want to contact the FSHS staff member treating you directly or do you want to have electronic access to your laboratory test results? Why not create a Citizen’s account?

Open a Citizen’s account
– giving your consent to
FSHS is not enough!