60 years of oral health


The student dental healthcare committee commissioned a survey to find out how student oral healthcare should be organised. The survey showed that each student had on average four teeth with caries and that every seventh student experienced toothache or tenderness when biting. This meant that each student needed six treatment appointments.

18 February 1955

The FSHS started providing dental care at the Domus student building in Helsinki.
New dentist chairs were ordered from Canada. Four dentists and three assistants saw patients, about 40 of whom attended the practice each day.
In 1956, the operations expanded to Turku and Jyväskylä and a year later to Oulu. Thereafter, dental healthcare services were started in a new city every time a new university was established.


The Act on Dentist Services for Primary Schools entered into force. The law guaranteed treatment for primary school students but not for secondary school students. Students could thus be left without any dental healthcare during their entire time in secondary school, i.e. for eight years.


The Primary Health Care Act replaced the Act on Dentist Services for Primary Schools. All municipal residents, especially schoolchildren, started to receive equal dental healthcare.

1 January 1986

Student dental healthcare was brought under the Social Insurance Institution’s health insurance reimbursement scheme, which reduced the appointment fee. The decision required the treatment provided by the FSHS to comply with the practice of systematic dental healthcare. Systematic dental check-ups were extended to include all first-year students.


The FSHS was given more space in the Student healthcare building in Helsinki.
At this time, the entire healthcare building was assigned to the FSHS central office and to the Helsinki unit.


In 2008, the electronic health questionnaire (Sätky) was sent to all first-year students for the first time, and based on this questionnaire, students were offered healthcare appointments. Starting in 2009 the questionnaire has also surveyed students’ oral health.

Promoting oral health
in the 1960s.