Virtual weight control group

Concerned about your weight? Why not join a weight control support group?

You can join one group, and participation will last for four weeks.

Participation in the virtual weight control group requires use of an application called MealLogger. The application has been developed from a photo-based electronic food diary and is designed for peer support groups. The application will also help you improve your exercise routines.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sign up for a virtual weight control group using this form (will be introduced again in the fall). Sign up at least a week before the group starts.
  2. Download MealLogger from
  3. When you have received an invitation via your Citizen’s account, log in to MealLogger.
  4. Take photos of your meals and send them to the application.
  5. Include the exercise you do and describe your exercise.
  6. The public health nurse will comment on the group’s food and exercise habits and give advice via MealLogger four times a week.

Message sending and receiving via the Citizen’s account will end on 14 December 2017. In the future, you will receive official messages in the online service. Read more