Travel advice - a callback service! 

If your question only concerns basic vaccinations (tetanus-diphtheria, measles-mumps-rubella [MMR] or polio vaccination), contact the FSHS unit in your area.

Prescriptions for tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and hepatitis vaccinations can also be obtained from your unit.

If you are planning to go on a journey within six weeks, please contact also your health unit about the need of hepatitis vaccine.


Our travel advice helpline is intended only for international students covered by the FSHS services planning to travel abroad. Travel-related advice is provided by a nurse supported by a doctor.

You should contact us preferably three months before your departure date to allow enough time to complete any series of vaccinations you may need.

If you only need basic vaccinations, contact your local FSHS unit. Basic vaccinations include those for tetanus and diphtheria (Tet-d), hepatitis and measles, mumps (parotitis) and rubella (MMR or MPR), polio vaccine.


Before you call the travel advice service

1. Find out your previous vaccinations (vaccination card, military service, local health centre, patient archive, occupational healthcare, private medical centres).

2. Make a detailed travel plan and fill in/print out this survey:

Vaccinations and health survey

3. Click the following links for current and important information about travel health and country-specific recommendations:

Travel and health 

The need for anti-malaria medication can be checked at the Fit for travel website


Call the travel advice helpline on 046 710 1092. Leave a message telling us 1) your travel destination, 2) the date of departure and 3) the duration of the trip. We will call you back as soon as possible, but during busy periods this may take up to ten weekdays (max. 2 calls).


Thank you for calling! 

Nb! The health care professional prescribing your medication will issue you with an electronic prescription. Alternatively recipe is retrieved after a week from your own FSHS unit. Read more