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A billing problem corrected – concerns a part of our international customers


Dec 3, 2015

The FSHS sends out invoices by mail or via e-invoices. Invoices are sent 2–5 weekdays after an appointment.

Unfortunately due to an error in the new FSHS’s patient data system a part of our international customers’ bills have not been sent. Problematically the not-received, unpaid FSHS transvers have been partly automatically forwarded to the debt collection company Visma Duetto for collection. So in this international student group the first bill that our international client has been seen is a debt sent by Visma Duetto, which was not intended. A part of the bills which are not yet forwarded to Visma, will be sent for the students again the 3rd Dec 2015.

Fortunately the patient data error has now been corrected and the customer info will be sent by mail as soon as possible.

We apologize for this billing inconvenience.