The FSHS Management Team

The Managing Director is assisted in operational management by the FSHS Management Team.

As well as the Managing Director, the ordinary members of the Management Team comprise the Medical Director, the Medical Director for Mental Health, the Medical Director for Dentistry, the Director of Finance and the HR Manager.

The expert members of the Management Team are the Head Physician for Community Health, the IT Manager, the Health and Safety Manager and the Communications Manager. Decisions regarding experts and details of the meeting procedure are made by the Managing Director.

The FSHS also has an Extended Management Team that comprises the members of the FSHS Management Team, the Management Team´s experts and the directors of the FSHS units. The members of the unit management teams are appointed by the unit´s director.

The FSHS Management Team:

The FSHS Management Team´s experts:

Katariina Poskiparta, Managing Director Noora Seilo, Chief Physician, Community Health
Maisa Kuusela, Medical Director Sauli Kleemola, IT Manager
Anne Komulainen, Medical Director, Dentistry Hanna Kari, Health Services Manager
Pauli Tossavainen, Medical Director, Mental Health Assi Rinnetmäki, Communications Manager
Olli-Pekka Luukko, Financial Director  
Mia Lehmusvaara, HR Manager, Health and Safety Manager