The customer satisfaction survey 2012

A customer satisfaction questionnaire was sent to all those entitled to use FSHS services in the 2011–2012 academic year. Everyone was asked about customer satisfaction, irrespective of whether they had used FSHS services or not.

We received a total of 11,293 responses. A total of 73% of respondents were female and 27% male. Forty-one percent of respondents were aged 23 to 27, while 25% were aged 22 or younger. As many as 1,272 respondents had not used FSHS services. Ninety-seven percent of respondents were studying at university and 3% at a polytechnic. The questionnaire covered all services provided by FSHS (General Health, Oral Health and Mental Health).

More than 85% of respondents rated the treatment they had received as good, very good or excellent on the whole. About half of respondents rated the assessment of their need for treatment, performed on the phone or at an FSHS site, as excellent or very good, while 24% rated it as good. Seventy-eight percent of respondents found it easy to contact the FSHS.

Eighty-six percent of respondents considered the treatment costs reasonable, and 79% thought it was easy to pay the treatment fees.

The questionnaire included questions in which respondents were asked to identify areas requiring further improvement. Most of these concerned the provision of online health and service guidance (e.g. individual guidance and assessment of the need for treatment); 84% of all entries concerned this area.

Of the respondents who had not used the services, about one in three did not feel they needed health services. Of the other respondents, 24% used occupational health services, 7% private-sector health services and 5% public-sector services.

Customer feedback via the website

As to customer feedback obtained via the website, the areas that most frequently brought criticism or proposals for improvement were appointment bookings / assessment of the need for treatment and fees / payment arrangements. Read more on Feedback and actions taken.