Foundation´s administration

Address: FSHS, Töölönkatu 37 A, 00260 Helsinki

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The FSHS uses secure communication channels in all treatment-related contacts between students and FSHS staff. If you are contacting us to discuss treatment you received or a bill, please contact us via the electronic system. We want to ensure that our clients’ data are always protected. The FSHS therefore cannot respond to treatment-related matters by email. For appointment bookings or health advice, please call your local FSHS unit.

*)Members of FSHS Management team   phone
Managing Director*    
chair Katariina Poskiparta 046 710 1101
Assistant to Managing Director    
secretary* Päivi Starast 046 710 1102
Medical Director* Päivi Metsäniemi 045 633 8858
Secretary of Clinical Directors Heidi Löfström 046 710 1108
Health care services,    
Health Care Service Manager Hanna Kari 046 710 1303
Medical Director, Dentistry*,    
Quality coordinator Anne Komulainen 046 710 1105
Medical Director, Mental Health* Pauli Tossavainen 046 710 1569
Financial Director*    
Personnel administration,    
HR Director and General Counsel*, Health and Safety Manager Mia Lehmusvaara 040 865 9877
Payroll Officer Eeva Saares 046 710 1243
Accounts payable,    
Accounts Payable Manager Anne Seppälä 046 710 6169
Information technology,    
IT Manager Sauli Kleemola 046 710 1113
Communications Manager Annemari Backman 046 876 9722
Communications Planner Marianne Partanen 050 448 5572
Community health    
Chief Physician, Community Health Noora Seilo 046 876 9731